Introduction EN


The twentieth anniversary of Uniwersytet Opolski (Opolski University) and the sixtieth anniversary of the transfer of the State Higher School of Pedagogy from Wrocław to Opole make up a special opportunity to commemorate individual persons, facts and documents related to the history of the oldest institution of higher learning in the region of Opole.

The idea of creating Muzeum Uniwersytetu Opolskiego (Museum of Opolski University), the centre for storing, providing documentation, and exhibiting the mementoes, relics of the past and works of art was initiated in 2012 by the Rector of Opolski University, prof Stanisław Sławomir Nicieja. Being a biographical historian, author of numerous monographs and articles that deal with the establishment, development and activities of the Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna (Higher School of Pedagogy), followed by Opolski University, including the work entitled Alma Mater Opoliensis. Ludzie, fakty, wydarzenia (Alma Mater Opoliensis. People, facts, events); published in 2004), and acting with the sense of responsibility and duty of securing and preserving the heritage of the first institution of higher learning in Opole, he came to the conclusion that the Museum of Opolski University should be the location for storing the exhibits that testify to the scientific and cultural past of the school’s past and can serve as the source of inspiration for new research and creative initiatives.